For Sale: My Collection of 16 Yoyos, 8 CLYW And Much More! Cheap Prices!



I will include the 6% fee of using PayPal and the shipping costs of each yoyo.
Feel free to pm me if you are interested in any yoyo.
Also pm me if you would like more photos.
You can also email me at "" .

Thank you!

The following are in the attached pictures,

-A CLYW AC 2 with minimal scuffs in the ninja hurdles color way, 90$

-A Monkeyfinger 2Evil in a limited edition color way that only 2 were produced in, the yoyo is also signed by most of the Monkeyfinger crew and has i think I small ding that does not affect play, 60$

-A CLYW Yeti 2 in yeti white in perfect condition, 20$

-A Tropic Spins shipwreck in pink and white with gold splash and with very light use and no dings, 70$

-A crucial fresh milk in white with pink hubs, a couple noticeable scratches and dents that slightly affects the play, 50$

-A CLYW manatee in copper that is in perfect condition, 60$

-A YYF nine dragons in red, white, and blue fade that is in perfect condition, 60$

-A CLYW igloo in solid blue that a couple very tiny scratches that don’t affect play at all, 100$

-A CLYW chief in clear with 3 clear dings that adds a bit of vibe, but still plays nicely, 70$

-A CLYW scout in ash berry splash in perfect condition, a CLYW puffin in jack rabbit in perfect condition, 90$

-A crucial cupcake in a multi-colored splash in perfect condition, 70$

-A one drop terrain first run in crimson with a few scuffs that add very minimal vibe, 50$

-A CLYW Yeti 1 that has a bit of vibe due to the condition of the spacers, 40$

-A c3 electric flash that has a good amount of scuffs, but has very little vibe, 50$

-A CLYW Puffin 2 in the jack rabbit color way and in perfect condition, 90$

-A YYF mighty flea in clear and in perfect condition, 50$

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