For Sale: YYF, YYR, CLYW, Duncan, ST!!

Hey guys. I’m really trying to slim down my collection, as I’m running low on money. Here’s what I’ve got. I can take more pictures on request as well. Please PM me to discuss the transaction. Paypal only, please. Shipping within Canada is 5$, within the US is $10.

First up, is my all-time favorite, the YoyoRecreation Gleipnir. It will take a bit to get this baby off of me. It’s got 2 little dings, (that don’t effect play) from letting a friend try it, but it’s mint other than that. Beautiful throw, ridiculous spin times. OFFER.

Next up, is a YoyoFactory Shutter. Jason Lee edition, 1/100. Only 1 small scuff, that isn’t even feelable. Such a nice throw. OFFER

Mint condition, hand anodized by Arthur Foley of Kingspin OG CLYW BvM. 1st run, re-anodized with color-changing speckles (Best in sunlight). OFFER

Mint condition, 1/25 7075 Hulk Smash Chief by CLYW. Probably the best playing yoyo I own. I’d hate to see this one go; but a nice offer may be tempting. OFFER

First run Chief by CLYW. Awesome throw, but could use a new silicone job. A few minor scuffs, and one ding. I’ll let this baby go for $75.

1/12 Prototype Avalanche by CLYW. Amazing player, better than the production model, in my opinion. A couple minor dings that don’t at all effect play. Could also use a new silicone job. $100 obo.

First run Yoyofactory AvantGarde. Great player. Couple scuffs. $70 obo.

Mint Duncan Echo. Fun throw, very smooth. $35.

Mint String Theory Singularity. Fun, heavy little throw. Perfect for pockets. $40.

Mint YoyoFactory DV888. Solid throw, great for beginners. $40.