Works CLYW Gnarwhal and One Drop 54

Hey guys looking for some great condition yoyo’s to a good home. No trades only Paypal please. Priority shipping with conformation.

First up is a One Drop 54 in very good condition. Not thrown very often. There is one tiny scratch no more than a centimeter long. It can’t even be seen. Looking for 70$ Shipped

The second yoyo is a very important yoyo that needs to go to a very good home. This is a works CLYW Gnarwhal. From what I understand it is one of 25 ever made. 120$ shipped. I cant find any bumps or scratches, also this comes with a KK.

Dont be afraid to offer money. I have more feedback on yoyontion.

Merry Christmas People!

new years bump

70$ shipped for the OD

come on people prices negotiable

prices negotiable

can everyone see my pictures