UPDATE! Couple CLWYS for sale!

After a bit of a hiatus from yoyoing I recently got back into it and have noticed a few throws on my shelf are mostly just collecting dust. I love collecting all kinds of things, but dust is not on that list and a few newer yoyos are so here’s what I’ve got. I don’t have a lot of feedback on here because it’s been a long time since I did anything with this account, buy I promise I’m an honest and cool dude.
I’ll ship for free in the US, anywhere else add $5

Silver/Green speckle Gnarwhal 1
Another little beauty that just sits on my shelf looking at me longingly while I throw everything else. There are a few dings on the rims, but nothing too gnarly. A little loved, but plays smooth and feels great on the string.

Forest Green Arctic Circle 2nd Expedition FG
Picked this guy up, threw it maybe two or three times and decided the AC2 just doesn’t fit my play style so it went right into my yoyo case. Very smooth, I suspect it’s fools gold for two very tiny ano defects in the catch zone. I would put it up there against any non FG I’ve ever thrown.

I’m looking for $$$ unless you’ve got any of the following throws (In order of want-y-ness)

A/RT Peon
OD Kuntosh
CLYW Bonfire
CLYW Campfire

I am open to trade offers and price offers, but unless you’ve got one of the listed yoyos my prices will be reasonably firm. Bundling multiple yoyos is cool with me if you’ve got something that’s worth more than what I’m trading. I don’t have any of the CLYW boxes. If you’ve got one of my wants send me a message and let’s work something out! I respond to all PM’s pretty quick!

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