FS/FT: GITD PC'd Gen-Yo Lost Essence---LF: PayPal

First up is the General-Yo Essence. This was a 1 of 15 “Lost Essence” that Ernie found in his garage and sold after the Essence was discontinued. It was powdercoated by mullicabob. Despite the halves being 2 different colors, both halves are glow-in-the-dark green. It was mint and vibe-free before the PC, and it is still that way now. Comes with blue RTV silicone and dry AIGR bearing. There is absolutely no damage, so anything you see in the pictures is a reflection or something. $110 shipped (negotiable)

All prices are negotiable. All pictures are down below.

I am mainly looking for PayPal offers. However, I may also trade the Essence for one of the following, in no particular order (preferred colorways listed):

Campfire (28 Stories, Pink Higby Edition, Illest Edition)
Wooly Marmot (28 Stories or any of the “Wooly Marmot Doing Stuff”)
Glacier Express (28 Stories)
Sasquatch (Team Edition)
Wooly MarkMont
54 (Any Orange Peel, Bumblebee, fades)
MarkMont Next (sodablasted or Obsidian)
Project (silver sodablasted or MarkMont Edition)
Project 2 (silver sodablasted or Chocolate Brown)
Shadow 888
Higby 888 (blue/purple)
Pre-pro 888 (silver blasted)
Ocho8Ocho 888
Snowcrush/Snowquake 888
2009 Severe (black 44Clash)
2010 Severe (red Wavelength or Steve Brown)
G5 (Sabotage or Prison Break)
Metal Grind Machine
Metal Grind Machine 2 (Premium Edition, John Ando Edition, or green)
Original 7 Project Red Alert YoYoFactory YoYos (Grind Machine, Grind Monster, Grind Mutant, Grind Master, G5, Grind Mutant 2, Grind Machine 2)
Cherry MVP (red)
Punchline/Punchline Repeater (black/green acid)
Galactic Goose (Arctic Bronze or Rocky Mountain Rust)
Evil-Yo (red/black/silver)
Freehand MG

All trades must be mint and include original Hubstacks/Side Effects if applicable, and stock bearings are preferred. You can offer other colorways, or even other yoyos that aren’t on the list, but the chance that I will accept is lower. Boxes/packaging are nice, but not a deal breaker.

Pictures of the Essence

I also have a ton of unused Normal Kitty String that I don’t need. There are probably 70+ strings. If it matters that much, I can count them for you. I would like to trade these Normal Kitty Strings for a similar amount of Fat Kitty Strings or a bunch of string from a boutique string company. Color doesn’t matter much, but something other than yellow or green would be nice. Please do not offer to buy these strings, as shipping costs would make it not worth it.

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