FS:'07 Worlds Aquarius

Message me if you want more pics of anything. Prices are negotiable, within reason. PayPal is preferred. If we are trading, whoever has less feedback ships first. If you have ANY negative feedback at all, you ship first.

I’m keeping the Essence.

[s]The Essence will be hard to get off of me. I will only sell it for the right price. However, the listed price below is not firm. We can negotiate if you like. I will only trade it for certain things that must be mint. I may trade both of these for one of my wants.

CLYW Campfire (solid colors preferred) + cash or another throw
CLYW Wooly Marmot (some colors)
CLYW Sasquatch (some colors, especially Team Edition)
CLYW Canvas (some colors)
CLYW Gnarwhal (some colors)
CLYW Bassalope (most colors, small bearing preferred)
CLYW Yeti (any color, black or grey preferred) + cash or another throw
YoYoJoker Elements (any hub color)

What I have:

General-Yo Lost Essence (half blue/half green glow in the dark powdercoat)-$106 shipped OBO or trade
This was a 1 of 15 “Lost Essence” that Ernie found in his garage and sold after the Essence was discontinued. It was powdercoated by mullicabob. Despite the halves being 2 different colors, both halves are glow-in-the-dark green. It was mint and vibe-free before the PC, and it is still that way now. Comes with blue RTV silicone and dry AIGR bearing. There is absolutely no damage, so anything you see in the pictures is a reflection or something.


2007 World YoYo Contest Silver Enyo YoYoJam Aquarius-$17 shipped PENDING
Faded rubber on the rims. Bearing’s outer race is rusty (shown in 6th picture), but the inside is fine. It will ship dry, and I find that it works well that way, but you may want to lube it based on your preferences. No damage except one scratch that you can see, but it can’t be felt; it is shown in the 5th picture. It will come with the box, which is a little damaged.