FS: a-rt unnamed in red $180

Mint, smooth, price includes G&S + shipping CONUS
$190$180 PENDING
Has about an hour of play on it, includes the box and the dog print
”Best bimetal ever” - New York Times
”A must own” - Hulk Hogan


I’ll overtrade to an extent for this throw. I have 2 sick grandmaster freshly dirty rooster sengoku samurai and many others

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It looks like a YYJ New Breed

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Legit dead on the smashing spectacle


I don’t know what you mean…?
Price drop before it goes to eBay


Smashing yoyo company had made a yoyo called the spectacle. Was a slightly undersized organic bi metal. Which looked exactly like this.


how’d that play? looks awesome

The Spectacle and Unnamed feel and play very differently. The Unnamed is not undersized and it lacks the raise at the rims that the Spectacle has.
The unnamed also feels a bit heavy, but in a good way. IMO the unnamed is more like a Grandmaster that traded its float for power, whereas the Spectacle is a furious pixie-wraith that wants its book back.


The unnamed reminds me of a more intuitive version of the Pragma. It feels easier to use.

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I always love your explanations. :raised_hands:t3: As for someone who’s owned a spectacle but only seen the unnamed through pictures I could only speculate on sight :eyes: word play. Thanks for the insight man!


I would trade multiple yoyos that are more than the value of this yoyo if you would be willing.

And if you don’t want to trade but will wait till around or after Christmas I can buy it for sure but it will be about two weeks before I have enough money to but it. Will be right after Christmas that flowing Monday or Thursday. Or like I said i will trade multiple throws

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Hey I had some things change and can buy this yoyo next week please contact me

I’ll hold it. Will mark pending now in the post. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.

OK do you have Facebook or a better way to talk?

Not really. I have facebook but I don’t ever use it. What details do you need? DM for my PayPal The price includes shipping and goods & services fees.

Edit: didn’t realize this was not a DM…

The only reason I ask about Facebook is I have never bought from you and since its 180 was gonna do a rep check on the bst like I always do with a new seller. But if you know anyone from the bst thay would vouch for you and message me thats fine too… I just have never bought in here and I have had a hard time finding this throw and coming up with the money and just don’t want to get scammed… I really don’t mean this in any offense and hope this isn’t took as an insult or anything. I just don’t know how it works on here

@Egon is a solid seller on the bst just search his rep.

Shout out to @Egon


Some people already vouched for you in the bst lol so we are good. I’ll have the money next Thursday which is Dec 26th. However my check should come early so with any luck it will be the 24th.

Yea people vouched for him quick on the bst he must have great rep!