Freehand One "upgrade kit?"

I’ve seen a couple of posts about a parts kit for the freehand one on instagram. I was previously under the impression that it could take a regular or narrow bearing already. Do you actually need the kit to make it unresponsive?

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Even with the kit it’s still somewhat responsive at times unfortunately. Only way I’ve gotten it truly unresponsive is with the spacer kit, size A center trac lubed w/ thin lube, and one pad out. The problem with that though is one pad being out makes binds slippy.

As cool as FH1’s are unresponsive, it’s hard to beat the feeling of a regular, bone stock FH1. If anyone is looking for a truly unresponsive FH1esque feel, I’d take a look at something like the Bolt XP


Thanks. Sorry to beat this into the ground, but can you put a C bearing in?

Nope, size A only with that spacer kit. Awhile back I did scroll past a post on FB from someone who made their own FH1 spacers that supposedly allow you to put in a C bearing - I’ll try and find it. Lots of people have been asking Bryan to do a C bearing FH1 but he said it would be at least a year out until a project like that could be started since they already had a new C bearing plastic in the works.

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The upgrade kit is not needed to make a FH1 unresponsive. If you clean the bearing, it will be plenty unresponsive to handle long combos. You can actually break in the yo-yo with play and it will eventually become unresponsive.