Freehand on YYF ONE


So i decided to try my (free)hand at 5a. It’s only been a few days, but my biggest problem is that i dont feel like im getting enough momentum while doing some tricks, (double on trapeze release, double or nothing release, 360)

I’m still using the yoyofactory ONE, as its the only sleeper yoyo that i own at this point. I fear that this might be the reason I’m not doing so well with it, being that it’s so light and all. Also, i’ve been keeping the string a little longer than I’m used to just to compensate for the extra length of string in my hand. Could either of these things be the reason why I’m not getting enough momentum, or are these things all just a matter of preference?

Thanks in advance


The One is a little to light. Try a YYJ classic with a full size C in it.


if you dont have a classic any 62 to 70 gram plastic yoyo will do great as well. or i have an alchemy nimbus in my bst i would let you have for $20 shipped.


Thanks for all the help!

I’ve been on the fence about getting the metal drifter unresponsive kit, just because duncan seems to have a lot of decent mid-level freehand yoyos.

My one concern is my string length. No one seems to address what a proper string length for 5a is. I got some 100% poly strings from this site, kept it the length it was, and attached a counterweight. (im 6’3)

Could a string length that is too long be a general problem, or is string length all just a matter of preference?


Short string makes everything but binds and tech easier. You don’t have to worry about tech.


the one is a bit light. I’ve always liked the FHZ, which is only a little bit more expensive.


What kit? Clean out the bearing in acetone(my preference) and it will go completely unresponsive. I’ve done this with my Metal Drifter that uses spacers and my son’s Metal Drifter that is a newer design and does not use spacers. No need to remove a silicone response sticker.

String length is a matter of preference. I prefer a string that’s the same as my 1A string length, which is about 3 inches above my belly button when measured from the ground. However, I’m 5’6", so we have a height differential.

My advise matches this to the letter:

Also silicone or use YYJ silicone o-ring response pads.

At this point, no sense in spending loads of money. If you want to consider other models I would recommend for 5A and under $20:

YYF Stackless Grind Machine.
AdegleYoYo PSG(Gem preferred due to extra weight)
YYJ Surge
Lyn Fury with shims, cleaned bearing and siliconed response.
I’d even recommend the Alpha Crash.

I am not recommending the ONE, WHIP and ONEStar because I feel they are just too light.

I also find the YYJ Pinnacle to be too light, and it’s packaged for 5A.

Another option might be the Duncan Freakhand, which is selling for around $10 at a certain national big box chain store, and is actually pretty decent for 5A AFTER you clean out the A-bearing. Before cleaning, it’s responsive. After cleaning, it’s pretty much dead unresponsive. No messing with the silicone response stickers(which last a LONG time).


I’ve got several plastics, and my YYF Onestar spins longer than all of them while doing tricks. I think the shape may be magical…


Metal drifter unresponsive kit from

I cleaned out my bearing with lighter fluid a week or so ago. It helped with the spin, but i found no difference in the responsiveness factor.

And thanks for that bit of clarity about string length. The weight on my yoyo comes only about an inch and a half above my belly button, so I guess it is all a matter of preference.

If you think those options would play better than the 30 dollar kit im looking at right now (metal drifter- unresponsive), then im willing to give them a shot. But if the metal drifter is better than those, im gonna stick with that option.


Dude I promise you buy a YYJ Surge it’s only $16.20 and it will play WAY better than the metal drifter. I have a bunch of $100+ metals and I still play my Surge more than most of them.

Another good option would be the Classic like Chris said, pick up a 10 ball bearing (or any other C sized) and YYJ Silicone Pads and it plays very good, this is also one of my favorites.


You don’t need a kit. Remove the shields and clean out that bearing acetone and then don’t lube it. I’m suspecting there may be other issues at play if it’s still responsive. I’ve done this many times before, so I know it’s true and works.

String length is a matter of preference.


Metal Drifter is not really all that good. The other options recommended above like a Surge or a Classic with a C bearing are better.


Multiple people mentioned the YYJ Surge. Once i get some more money to spare, ill pick it up.

Thanks Guys


I would say based on my experience with the Surge, it’s going to also be a decent 5A yoyo as well.