Freehand… any yoyo?

This just came to mind. I could use my Shutter WA for freehand right? Or is it too heavy.

You can use a Shutter by all means. I prefer plastic for 5a as it doesnt sound so harsh when i drop it or hit it with the counterweight.

What counterweights do you recommend

Shutter wide angle could work. They make this too:

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I’m no pro, but I’m of the opinion that you can play 5A with any yoyo. It may not be the ideal way to play with a responsive yoyo but it’s more than doable. But I think that any yoyo good for 1A will be good for 5A.


any yoyo is fine, just be ready to really ding it up. i play really terrible 5a with all kinds of yoyos ranging from deepstate/day tripper responsive yoyos all the way to my performance oriented unresponsive throws.


I personally use a Duncan Barracuda. Cheap, Heavy (which I like for 5a) and it comes with a counterweight when you buy it.