Free Solo by One Drop!


Climbing a mountain ‘Free Solo’ without any ropes or safety gear might seem crazy but at its core it represents amazing skill and courage. Ditching the equipment may be as ‘simple’ as it gets but relies largely on the experience of your journey to get you there. Presenting the Free Solo - a collection of some of One Drop’s most popular design elements in one new simply powerful yoyo.

Free-Solo-Gold Free-Solo-Gold2

One Drop has a long list of unique shapes and design elements to pull from. Taking all of their experience from some of their most popular past models they combined a powerful V-Shape with the weight distribution of the widely popular Cascade to present a powerful yet nimble yoyo. At its core the Free Solo is the yoyo built to always deliver exceptional spin and control for any yoyo player.

Free-Solo-Red Free-Solo-Silver Free-Solo-Blue

Most importantly the Free Solo is made from 7075 aluminum in the USA making it strong enough to take on any challenge you might face (and the perfect yoyo to keep in your pocket while scaling a mountain!) This yo-yo won’t tie you down but allow you to ascend to the peak performance you have always dreamed of.


Such a fun yoyo. One of my absolute favorite unresponsives. :raised_hands:t3:


I love mine, don’t hesitate to spring for it if you’re uncertain, it’s a fantastic yoyo!


Totally agree! It ticks all the boxes.