okay the contest is over and it goes to bb becuase a mail issue went wrong in the past and im giving him this as a gift and a nother surprise

If nobody participates can I have it? XD

Shouldn’t be in the BST

i kickbox, does that count as a talent :stuck_out_tongue:

yes it should q and um anything that you are good at i need to see a vid

No it shouldn’t.

Are you selling something? No
Are you Trading something? No
Are you Buying something? hmmm… No.

It should probably be in general.

It should be in contest information

Or the video section, since we have to make a video.

ok. if i were you i would just sell it or trade it, but whatever. i might do this but idk. how long does the vid need to be. can you put yoyoing or is there no yoyoing allowed.

okay there is no yoyoing allowed. any talent is okay and no time limit to the vid length

ok. on what criteria will you be basing the winner best quality and set up, best tallent, best performance

This is my brother Cody Schaefer who wanted to enter but doesn’t have an account.

i have no idea it is whatever i think is the coolest or what i like. it will go who i think deserves it the most

I wanted to offer up my 12 year old daughter’s singing talent since she is getting into yo-yoing with me and she is just now looking to pick up an intermediate yo-yo.

P.S. Anyone interested in more info on the program she belongs to please feel free to visit operating out of the Count Basie Theatre in NJ.

I make siggys, I don’t know how to put that in a video ::slight_smile:

Just see the link in my signature for the siggys :stuck_out_tongue: