free hand 2 help


my freehand 2 yoyo wont come back up when i pull my wrist up when its sleeping. can someone tell me how i could make it come back up when its sleeping? :’(



learn to bind…

Here you go.

#5 B-I-N-G-O-!


Umm, I sorta already posted that link.


Well I REposted it. :slight_smile:


Why? that’s stupid and pointless.


Fine if you want to call me stupid go ahead I felt like putting there and it wasn’t against the law.



Look, let’s keep it friendly.

CarlG’s normally a good guy.

Regarding posting repeat links, hey, if it helps the original poster find the information, I don’t care of a thousand people post it. Helping is NICE!

Thank you.

Now back to the regularly unscheduled anarchy.




No, no, nonono, no, he meant actually reposting  the link was stupid not you (sorry had to).


I’m done here


This thread is rapidly heading towards locking and/or deletion.

Stop the name calling and let’s get back to the OP’s original issue please.

Yes, it’s a bit silly to post the same link multiple times by multiple people, but I would prefer the information be there than the OP still begging for information.

Please. Behave. OK?



chil guys this is not a place to fight you guys better stop. >:( >:(




Your not helping. lol

Thread lock request


Don’t make me get the squirt bottle. Imma gonna go get it. Don’t make me use it. I ain’t playin’!