Freak Yo 2: Return of the Freak

Here’s a mod me and my friend (qwertyo) did for fun. The story behind it is a friend of mine stopped yoyoing and gave me her whip to " do whatever the heck you want to do". S I decided to take it too the extreme. As you can see in the pictures below many things have been done to it. We started off by drilling holes near the hub of the yoyo. The holes go straight through and you can actually see the string through it which gives a pretty cool effect. They alternate small to big and there are 8 holes on each side. Next we drilled some large holes in the rim of the yoyo. But it still wasn’t enough…something was missing. I glanced over and saw that a bottom of a plastic champagne glass would look awesome on it. Put how to put it on… I grabbed some nails stuck them through and drilled them in just enough to keep the new rim in place. It is the first EVER double rimmed yoyo.

Now some may ask “how does it play”. Well to put it simply… It’s terrible. It’s more meant to be a work of art, an expression of creativity. The nails get caught on the string and the burs caused by the holes cut the string. Put the fact of the matter is, it works. It successfully spins ( for a short while ) which is enough for me.

Tell me what you think!


just posted them

That is crayyyyyzzzyyyy…


Youre going to kill someone with that. Looks awesome!

Is this you? :


Watch out for another crazy mod coming soon…

That is not creativity, that is the horrendous creation that is the result of a terrible environment. Simply put, looks great!


It’s a compliment lol, wanted to make it fitting for this. Wonder why I haven’t tried this yet…

i kind of want to try to do offstring with it…

you should record what happens when you do a forward pass at a watermelon or a cat or something.

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Looks dangerous…

How much? Just kidding I don’t want it. I think you should try recording you throwing a good sleeper and then trying to slice things up with the nails. BTW it looks great.

It looks very painful to return haha and what’s the champagne bottom thing your talking about from? They would make some interesting offstring stacks since they are concave.

Frankly I don’t view that as a mod. You just messed up a yoyo for fun.

I think it’s one KILLER mod.


I wanna see a video of someone throwing that and catching it lol

suprisingly doesnt hurt that bad. i did some looping with it and could do a couple loops without it snagging. also did offstring with it. caught it once on the out rim (on the champagne cup bottom) and one i actually caught it for a few seconds before it snagged up.