Frayed Strings

Well, when i tie the loop at the top to put my finger through, I notice it sometimes comes undone, due to the string being frayed. I found a great solution for this. Nail Polish. Yep, Nail Polish, just twist the frayed part up, dab a little on, let it dry, and Ta-Da! Your string is now Un-Frayed!

i just cut it off

Yes, but then it when you cut it off, it may lead to the rest of the string to become frayed.

Learn how to tie a bowline, it’s the perfect not for this. It’s actually used in a similar way to our finger loops in the lariat knot.


Bowlines are great and all, but they can be a pain to tie. For yo-yo string I suggest [this knot].

Thanks, I had been looking everywhere for the knot!

whenever i do this i usually mess up or my string gets too short.

Then use nail polish