so you forgot an extra string... now what?


lets face it… as yoyoers we should bring an extra string along every time we are away from home, for that “just in case” situation. however, its rare enough to need one on short trips we often over look it. well, the other day I made that mistake… i was at a friends house hanging out, and showing off my skills when all of a sudden… SNAP my string broke at the vertex (for you youngins im talking about the part of the string that goes around the axle)… luckily, there is a temporary way to fix this… its by no means a permenant solution, but it is safe when done right, and if you are using normal string, then i suppose you could count this as a 12 ply solution…

I present, the BOWLINE knot… primarily used for sailing and securing boats to docks… here is a video demonstrating how to do it

in case you didnt  cinch the knot tight enough, leave a tiny bit of extra length on the tail of the knot

sorry loopers, i cant imagine this being the solution for you…

i hope this helps most of you for your general problems when you forget to bring a spare string



That’s sooo cool! ;D


Cool thanks for the info


last time I was in a store without extra string and my string broke, I just put the slipknot around the bearing and tied a new one at the broken end for my finger. I’ve gotta say though, this would probably have worked better. haha thanks for the info


wait this is used to make a temperary loop around the axle wow i just used this to tie a finger loop at the top of one of my twisted stringz. well it still works anyways


I have this one string I got on a used yoyo a traded for at worlds that was already a week old and still use the string every day and it has not snapped and I have never snapped a string…