String binding over itself


Lately Iv been having this problem where the string wraps around itself as if i dropped a gt, it does this sometimes whenever i bind wrong or drop a trapeze and i have to unscrew the whole thing to fix it, does anyone know what is causing this, why, or how to fix it??



That’s a very general question with no “fix” that anyone can recommend. It happens to all of us. “Whoops, axle knot”… since nobody does it on purpose, there is no prescription to stopping it. :wink:

If you had one particular trick that it was happening unexpected on, we might be able to tell you “yeah, you’re supposed to pop forward, not backwards,” or whatever… but “I get axle knots” will only be met with a “Yup. We all do.”


Sounds like it’s getting too twisted. Do you know tension adjusting moves?


I do all of the tension things, it’s just REALLY annoying, and it seems like its been happening ALOT more recently


I think every thrower should have a pair of these.
I can’t tell you how many times these have saved me from having to unscrew my throws.
Not to mention how many strings they have saved. I have never encountered a knot that I could not get untied with these!


Probably just need to be more deliberate with tricks and binds. Try dismounting from trapezes instead of dropping them (unless you mean dropping accidentally). Keep string somewhat taut in general for non-slack tricks. Bind more precisely with less string.

Also, I would recommend picking out the knots instead of unscrewing. Unscrewing runs the risk of wearing out threads, cross-threading, losing parts, getting the bearing dirty from dirt and string fibers, etc. I keep a toothpick in my wallet which won’t scratch the response area. I never unscrew my yo-yos except for bearing cleaning and response replacement.


It’s probably just from being a little sloppy on binds.

But as others have stated, toothpick!


Try to leave a smaller loop when binding. It sounds like your bind loop is falling over the side of the yoyo instead of going straight in line with the axle. Focus on keeping everything straight and in line


Apparently there ARE tips. :wink:

Regarding the toothpick vs. unscrewing: I usually use a toothpick or tweezers, too. But that’s because it’s usually quicker. When it turns out to NOT be quicker, I unscrew. These things are made with that purpose in mind. I’ve never been afraid of unscrewing and rescrewing a yoyo because I do it carefully. It’s not hard to make sure threads are lining up before tightening.

Wouldn’t mind some better forceps like Garrett’s, though! More positive grip on the string than the sometimes-weak tweezers.


Sometimes i can’t get it with a toothpick and its bound under more string wat do i do then??


Like Greg said just unscrew. Eventually you will know if its gonna be faster to dig it out or just unscrew it. I have a little knitting hook thing I use sometimes, but you have to be careful if you use something metal or you may scratch it.


This is my favorite: You can purchase it in RiteAid.


Sweet forceps! hahaha. I was using forceps like those all summer when I was practicing suturing


Yeah as everyone has said it does just randomly throw its self in and I call them volunteer knots cause they shouldn’t be there! XD

I keep a tooth pick in the side loop of my fedora so I can grab it quickly. :wink:


Not really random though, it happens when his bind loop isn’t dropped in line with the axle and the rest of the string. Completely preventable