Found this interesting

Yyf Genesis
Diameter : 56mm
Width :43mm
Gap width: 4.65mm
Weight:68.7 grams
Bearing : size c spec bearing

Myy t8 shadow
Diameter: 56.4mm
Gap width: 4.4mm
Weight: 72.9grams
Bearing: size c 10 ball concave bearing

These two yoyos are made of aircraft grade aluminum and have the same shape the genesis costs $84.99 and the t8 costs $12.99 the genesis plays a little smoother than the t8 but for the price it’s out standing .

The specs are completely different, and both throws play completely different.

I would rather throw the genesis over the t8 any day if the week. Plus the t8 reminds me more of a g5 than the genesis

My .02

7 mm in width for a yoyo is significant(in this particular case it’s a 20% increase from the t8 to the genesis). also, 3 grams of weight are something some players can feel. I wouldn’t try a comparison between the two