Found this earlier at work

({John15}) #1

It’s from 1990 lol. Yoyo University maze


I’ve done that trick many times…


I literally lol’d

(Chris Francz) #4

That is exactly what most people think yoyoing is.

(Chris Francz) #5

Your comment made me laugh out loud. Very kinky. I’m a bit too reserved for that but maybe after a beer or two…


Hmm… don’t think we’re on the same page here.

({John15}) #7

Now this made me lol


But you … could… be on the same page… if you know what I mean

(Chris Francz) #9

I’m sorry. Funny in my head doesn’t always translate to out loud.

(Mark) #10

I was shocked that each of those players has the yoyo on their index finger instead of their middle finger.

I was even more shocked to discover that they don’t have middle fingers!

(Chris Francz) #11

I always see drawings of kids with yoyos and the string on their pointer finger. I saw a tutorial by a kid and he had the string on his pointer finger. Maybe he is a yo pioneer of the future 14a style of yoyoing. Eventually there will be a style where no string is required at all.