Those WEIRD tricks…

I strayed off the beaten path in my yoyoing somewhat. I mostly abandoned trick tutorials when I was still a relative novice. I had barely learned ladder escape when I decided to make my own tricks.

As such, my yoyoing can be weird. Nowadays, you see these kids on the competition scene, and pretty much every trick they throw is a variation on a meta element that literally everyone does. Which I get tired of sometimes, but I does score very well. So I respect the hustle.

But for better or worse, my trick set is kind the opposite of meta I guess. It’s pretty much entirely based on layers of elements that I’ve been figuring out on my own since I was 13. Unfortunately, I’ll never win any competitions with it. But it’s definitely my own.

I just whipped this one up on a study break. Looks odd, but it’s SUPER fun.


Anyway, I want you guys to post any weird/just for fun tricks that you come up with!

I’d love to see.


Hey. I just wanted to chime in to say this tricks is… not weird?

Pacman-like formations being utilized in stationary suicides are pretty common, as they are derived from stationary suicides from red triangles.

Here’s a very know example by non other than Takeshi:

Yours is very cool too, its like a doube pacman looking thing, and you’re doing the stat suicide on steps, since the formation allows for separate movement of the string loops. I have a trick that uses a similar mount due to its similar properties, but to an isolation instead of a suicide (theres a stationary suicide at the end too i guess).


As if all tricks weren’t done for fun, smh.





Go crazy! Everytime you laugh i laugh haha

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Yes and no. Perhaps it’s not the best example.

But still, I’ll play devils advocate and argue that setting up a “pac-man” style mount, and then doing a 3D suicide while purposefully missing one of the loops, just to see the string do that fun untwisty thing is a little off the beaten path.

When you see Takeshi’s trick, it has a logical progression into new mounts with each element. It’s creative, but each gets him somewhere new. This makes sense, especially when considering that you have a hard time finding someone who has created more of those “meta” elements I mentioned.

Mine is more like “hey look at this fun spinning string thingy, and then watch me reject into a trapeze for some reason”.

In my mind, they’re very different.


I agree that this is mostly underexplored. But the umbrella element family in which that element lives under is not weird.

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Haha, alright man. You got got me.


I just saw this.

This is the greatest video I’ve ever seen in my life.

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Came up with this on a study break. @EOS44 don’t even try to tell me this one doesn’t have a weird ending :joy: