I saw something interesting...


So I was watching a video and saw a boing-e done with one hand. They had two identical yoyos, one that didn’t spin or have a string. They stuck the unspinning yoyo in place of their left hand and did their boing-e. so I thought about wether or not you could do any other tricks with that setup. You probably could, but you would need something that wouldn’t fall off a string.

             /       String         \
             |                          |
             |                          |
             |                          |
         [___]                    [___]
      *weight*               *weight*

Like that. It would just have to be the exact weight of the yoyo within a gram or two.


Can you post the video? I can’t understand the physics of that working.


I believe he means the yoyo was at the bottom of the string but not attached to act as a weight rather than your left finger, then doing the motions with your right hand as usual


I understood. I just don’t see how the bottom yoyo wouldn’t flop all over.


Neither do I. Also unless your other tricks consist of your nth below everything else and not moving, you can only do boing e boing.


try it… it works.

It’s been done since 2000 at least… there was a short era of dead-yoyo-as-a-counterweight tricks… not a whole lot came from it, but that one was pretty cool.


(Owen) #7

Its really hard to do without it flopping everywhere, but it is possible. I’ve done it a couple times before with 2 counterweights.

You can do it with a Kendama if you try really hard too


Mach 5 works also


I think I might try this. I don’t have another yoyo, though, so I will have to make a substitute… Hurgh…


I’ve seen this before.

I actually teach this as a method to learn boingy-boing since the weight of the dead yoyo hanging at the bottom of the formation puts just enough tension on the string, that the throwhand can just focus on the up and down motion to get the boingy-boing to work.

The easiest way is just to have the spare yoyo in your non-throw-hand and just use the gap of it like it were your index finger. (similar to mounting blueline rolls for 3a)

Then, once the spare yoyo is hanging at the bottom of the formation, just let go of it and do your thing.