Found the O-rings, now to make it Tug responsive...


I’m wanting to make my ywet tug responsive to work on some spencer berry type stuff. I feel like taking advantage of the quad fist response system. Does any one know what size o-ring goes in the larger response seat?

Jhb helped me solve that issue! But even after getting the outside o-rings the response is iffy at best. Id like to make it decently tug responsive. Its the yoyo I have with the narrowest gap. Im just try to work with what I’ve got instead of waiting forever for a Flying V or Walter to pop up. Ive got O-rings all around inside it right now and a flat bearing that is 3in1 lubed. Anyone have any other ideas?



Why not just take it to a hardware store and see what fits?


Hey, that would work wouldnt it? Hahah. Ill definately do that later today. Ill post what size it is when I find out just so the information is out here some where.


Thanks again jhb! A #33 o-ring does the job. Just had to make sure to get one that fits because several of them were slightly too big before I found a perfect fit.


Use thicker lube like Vaseline intensive care or something else that is more like grease. I heat up the bearing with a lighter so the grease will melt into it.


I bet you wouldn’t have to reapply Vaseline after that kind of treatment for a while. I’ll definitely be giving that a shot.


Just did it and it worked extremely well. Did a really awesome UFO right off the bat! I let it hang there much long than I have before and it came right to me when I jerked it back up. I don’t have much to compare to as far as tug response goes but this seems pretty good to me. I’d still love to hear any other suggestions about tug response set ups and methods. It’s a whole new field for me and I like it alot.


Switching to a half bearing would make it even more tug responsive without having to apply as much lube. You can also double wrap the string around the bearing.


The axle wouldnt be too long?


You can always buy a shorter axle as well