Found it, all set

See title. Have cash.

Preferably A grade. Please do not try and pass off a b grade as an a grade or I will file a dispute. I don’t mean to sound hostile I just want to be clear.


Ohhh THats dirty! Mine was marked b grade, are people polishing it off??

I’ve got a mint A grade with all the fixings but I’d want what I paid for it. I think that was $350? Direct from Gentry’s site

*thought I was sending a DM, oh well at this point…


I wasn’t sure if they were marked or not, especially since the a grades weren’t numbered. What marking did it have to signify b grade? The normal YYF stamp?

Thanks for the reply but I have an offer I’m evaluating right now, if that falls through I’ll let you know.

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Found one, should do sum background check tho

FWIW I’ve bought from hejjafish and the experience was smooth and professional which aligns with their feedback thread.


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