Sold! Please close!


Got this in a trade, now selling to fund other hobbies. The body is mint, but there is a slight fingernail vibe which I believe made it b-grade. I’ll include a few strings and a blue g2 coozie which was not originally with this throw.


I can take more photos if requested, but I examined it pretty closely and found zero flaws in ano.


Does it have a drill mark on the inside behind the bearing? That would mean it’s a “glitch” Aka b-grade. If not you’ve got an a-grade so the vibe should be tunable.

Just always good to know exactly what you have / are selling; especially if you’re jonesing for a mint 5kqv.


Yeah its confirmed b-grade! And honestly price is based on the appraisal thread here, but the appraisal may have been assuming a-grade. I am open to offers!


Edited to reflect previous post!


Ba-bump! It’ll be up here for a full 48 hours before listing on fb!


Bump with $ drop!


Bump. Now considering all trades!