forward pass

hi guys :slight_smile:
im just unable to do forward pass my yoyo never cm back it always get down in between only when ever i through it. should i throw with more force. I did that also but still not working. shuld i change my YO yo i have free fire from blazing teens of butter fly shape

Is it responsive? (come up easy with a slight tug)

Well if it don’t comeback when you throw it it might be an unresponsive yo. Also right when it gets to the end of the string try slightly tugging it. Is it a fix, trans, or ball bearing axle? If its a fixed axle it shouldn’t have a prob with response. If none of those help i suggest getting a different yo maybe the yyj journey or the Duncan mosquito if you want to go a little cheaper. Later and remember keep it spinning.

I love how the sensor thing *** out the last 3 letters of pass (p@$$). ;D

For forward pass u need a responsive yoyo, imperial or modifide yoyo, and through it gently, because the string will pop any time. :smiley: