Forum Worlds Finalists

I’m trying to figure out who on this forum has made it to finals at worlds.
So far I can only think of two.

Jake Elliot and me

Wait wait wait… Who are you? :o

Anthony Rojas has

but anyways, paolo used to be super active on yye and has been in 5a finals and 1a finals

Michael Nakamura
Paolo Bueno
Clement Bertaux (not sure but I think he is kemar?)

That’s off the top of my head… Also, who are you, Phillip?

Edit: Miguel Correa is on the forums as well, but is inactive (I only know because I BST’d with him once)

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I’ve missed making finals more than I’ve made it.

Well according to jhb bcmmaddog won worlds (lololol)

Maybe in a few years :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.
I’m assuming zach6106 is Zach Gormley

John narum is on the bsts every now and then
I’ve heard a lot of players lurk or use the bst often

Yeah I was gonna say Zach Gormley, zach6106, but Alex beat me to it. And Gentry Stein (gentry) has, too.

I don’t think any of the people you guys have listed are actually active on a daily basis.

Maybe that’s why they’ve placed so well.

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I could drop off the forum, practice from sun-up until sun-down every day with a coach and still never make a State level contest!

Those who are serious about competition prioritize their time as they feel best suits their end goals.

Augie Fash (4x world finalist I think) has an account on here and posts from time to time.

Palli made it to semis at Worlds (which is still an impressive feat considering how competitive 1A is) and he posts here and there as well. :slight_smile:

alex hattori sometimes posts in the BST