Big names currently

I havent been following the media/competitions/news kind of stuff lately, and what are some big names in the yoyo scheme currently?


André posted the results from Worlds here: The 2019 World Yo-Yo Contest Thread

That’s a good place to start.


Well I don’t like to brag but my latest YoYo video has 14 views, so I’m sort of a big deal.


I agree that’s a great place to start.
Some big names not on the list are Polo Garbkamol, Colin Beckford, Andrew Bergen and Hirotaka Akiba.

Gentry Stein just won Worlds along with US Nats, so he tops the list. Evan Nagao, previous world champ got second. Nate Dailey supposedly had a great worlds routine, but it wasn’t posted yet. Everyone in the top 20 in 1A deserves a mention tbh, as well as Hajime Miura for his to be legendary 4A routine.

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His 3a routine wasn’t anything to sneeze at either…

Well yea, but he won that, so I figured if he looked at the list it would be self explanatory. The 4A routine of his is hyped AF right now. Big name indeed.