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I always wondered what some of the people on the forum would be like, if I met them in person. I think I’d get along quite well with a few people. I have met some great people on the forum so far, and made a few friends too. But, there is one person on here who I have not met, who stands out, and I think he would be really cool. It’s…Skyhighyo. He made some posts where I’ve thought…wow, I would have said the same thing, and said it exactly the way he did. Kind of scary, in fact. Also, I’d like to meet ChuckShort1, who I hang out with in the YYE Edition thread. His sense of humor in the PMs is just really cool. I always get a “Chuckle,” for sure. I think he’d be a riot in person. So, who would you like to meet most from the forum?


Dingo54 And people with a lot of yoyos. And u. And Andrey

(Jei Cheetah) #3


(2Sick Joey) #4

Id like to meet Alex Fairhurst and ColeJ in person since I talk to them all the time

(DOGS) #5

Haru, Robbie, Mrc, Mgod, Elephark, and most likely more that I’m just not going to mention.


I actually met Pat in person, before I knew who he was on the forum. I got lucky at a contest :wink:




SkyHigh and yoyomasterall ( :wink: )

(DOGS) #9

Funnily enough, I originally approached you at RI States thinking I was about to poke a hole in your holster design by bringing up how the rough side of the leather rubs the blast, but your response of “it’s on your hip anyways so who cares” more than sealed the deal that you knew just what you were doing.

(WildCat23) #10

Shadowz PJ man and offstew.

(JonasK) #11

Just meeting anyone from the forums would be pretty sweet. I have yet to achieve that though.


That’s what I thought. I have yet to meet any one in person.


I’ve met a couple of the Aussie forum members in person but that’s about it. I’d love to meet most of you some day because it always makes me happy to meet a fellow thrower =)



If only that leather worked rubbing my Exit 8. I feel like I rubbed for days, and leather was no match for it. The leather got smooth, not the yo-yo. :smiley:

@JonasK…I never thought of those of you out of the states who are even less likely to meet forum members. :frowning: I’ve met a ton so far. Funny to watch the username/avatar turn into a real live person.

@Yuki…glad to hear you managed to meet a few though. :slight_smile:


Nice to be able to attach a face to a name. Always surprised when people in real life are different to their online persona.



Shadowz, gregp, and totalartist. EDIT: how could i forget jwil425 and yoyospirit!

For the longest time, i wanted to meet haru ray and studio 42, but thats resolved :smiley:

(NotATyrant) #17

I wanna meet everyone that I can, it would be an honor.


Wildcat,Jason, JHB, SkyHigh, the general, and Steve brown

(SR) #19



I had the pleasure of hanging out with Shadowz143. He is a cool dude, very kind and humble too. :slight_smile: