Forum people you'd like to meet

Just a thread to say the people on the forums that you’d like to meet/hang out with. I guess you could rank them if you wanted to.

Jayyo - I’m gonna meet him at Cal States this weekend, and for anyone who doesn’t know, he’s much nicer outside of the forums.
Trace - Jake is easily one of my favorite people on these forums.
Studio42 - Who DOESN’T want to meet him? I might introduce myself at Cal States.
papaYOYO - I already know Evan outside of the forums, but I can’t wait to meet him in person.
Elephark - BEARD.
koeniggseggfire - Not gonna lie, he rubbed me the wrong way at first, but he amuses me and he’s from Alaska, so he’s automatically awesome in my book.
Ed - Met him at Worlds 2010, but I’d like to be able to talk with him again.


Oh, and CarlG, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jayyo(worlds this year,bit last year but not real well,he doesn’t know me,I am like a stalker that met him and he doesn’t remember)
YoYoexpert(lol met andre already but another time would be cool)
slade riggs
lots more!

it would be pretty awesome to be able to have an opportunity to shake hands with every one

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Frozen, genji, andreyoyo, ghostwirethrows99, sirnaq_MN42, oh wait those are the people I know.
I’d like to meet jayyo, studio42, trace, dingo54, and a few others who escape me.

and maybe Jayyo, Andre(Yoyoexpert), Dingo54, and ~Z

I want to meet Gsteller, and Cyclontzy very much so.

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hands down Jayyo and Studio42

How many people want to meet me?!


Okay… :’(

thats what i was thinking! it would be so cool if we could get every member on this forum in the same place at the same time!

well i’ve never seen you post so i don’t know if i wanna meet you or not

I don’t even care if they are even on the forums, but if someone is a yoyoer, I want to meet them.

I agree.

However, anyone who wants to stop by the big console(my digital small console is too noisy to be used, and my small analog desk is out for another job), come on over and say “hi”. I won’t have the robot with me, but I will be wearing the Studio42 T-shirt and hat. I am hoping I remember to bring pens, pins and wristbands. But, forgive me if I am terse or may appear to be ignoring you. I’m not intentionally. I just have a job to do. It’s nice to be able to give back to the community in such a big way

My list:
Anyone I’ve traded with, or rather bought from.(Jayyo is on that list too)

You there, I want to meet you. See you there!