If you were to spend a day with one forum member ,what would you do?


I would spend the day with the one, the only Chase Baxter…he’s so cool. I would probably ask him to help me prank Ben Conde…



I’d yoyo. what else do you want?

Hmm. I’d spend the day with Shadowz and I’d yoyo.

Make sweet kwyjibo to some Chuck Mangione on a plaid blanket in a valley near the Swiss Alps.


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There is this guy named DrAwesome. He seems cool.

There is a alot of people i would love to meet. Wild cat seems cool so does jasonwong and jhb. Its kinda hard to choose

I sir, am honored that out of all the amazing people on this forum, that I would be one of the ones you would chose to spend a day with. Shakes E-hand

I personally would probably say either Pajama man, Offstring stewart, haruray, or shadowz. They all seem like people i would be close friends with if I knew them in real life.

What? No one wants to hang out with me? :’( I see how it is…

I actually just spent a day with studio42 (im lucky) and i got to try about 30 of the 248 throws in his collection. It was a dream come true. :slight_smile: now i know my favorite throws and dont have to waste money on certain ones.

Hmm… Probably Jensen’s Granddad. ::slight_smile:

None of you guys, I hate you all :stuck_out_tongue: Yes Q, you too.

hater :’(

supbreh1234 i forgot i go to the same school with him never mind

I would say out of all the people I have “interacted” with on the forum, I think that I gel with Shadowz and Wildcat the most. second would have to be Ulmer. Ulmer can take my sarcasm better than a lot of people.

I would love to hang out with Shadowz,Pajama Man, and Banjo…yep

3yo3, making a yoyo, best day ever!!!

Any Yogurt_Crew member. Seen some of them but I’d sure as the sea like to see them again. (Paint the town red.)

JohnthejWolfe (Hold hands and go to the beach [Florida keys].)

Raphael (Rap and game.)

Yossarian(Touhou “Duh”.)

patrickcondon (Edit images.)

Yoyospirit (I’d take him to CarlG’s house.)

BuddyJim (Make him teach me his string making ways [Show me the ropes].)

VINCEanity (Just chill he seems cool and I’d like to know him better.)

OffStew (Have a movie night I feel like he’d have a good movie selection.)

Nat (Help him fix his igloo,play hockey, and finish it off with a cup of syrup. [Naw we’d play “lol” and jam to music])

I’ve also wanted to see Starscream and Samad. =/

So yeah I can’t pick just one, it’s too hard… =P


There’s too many…

I’ve already hung out with a bunch from the North east… Now I just need to hang out with the rest of the world. :frowning:

Just started the forums again last month after a 5 month break, but ulmer seems cool, and id always wanted to meet studio, and was sad to see he is gone. Also shadowz, and pat. We would rub ice cream on our faces then go to the aquarium, and then come home and put brown paper bags on our heads and pretend we are underwater astronauts