Monday, Wednesday, Friday..

Hey guys and gals. How is it going? How is your day? Mine is going okay. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are my dialysis days, so I spend my 4 hours here roaming the forums until I’m able to leave dialysis or until my phone dies. To be honest I don’t have many friends, so id like to make more. I play Xbox one, yoyo. Learning Japanese. Magic (sleight of hand stuff) and guitar. If anyone here has similar interests and are looking for a friend, ill be here. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Ask me anything, help me with anything I need help with. Share what is going in life, whatever you choose to talk about, ill talk about it with you. I really need a way to make dialysis go by quickly and all I can do is sit here until its over. So I’m making this thread for anyone who would like to just chat, hang out over the forums and make some friends. As I said ill be on here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. From 1:45pm to 5pm. PST.
So lets get to know each other better hmm. Where should we start?

oh hey! i have an Xbox one too! shoot me a pm and i give you my username. ( just a heads up its my brother’s but, he lets me use it)

Hey Guys, its Friday!! Close to the weekend. Anything you guys have going on that your looking forward to? I have dialysis at 145pm pst today. But afterwards we are heading to the airport to pick up my fiancé’s brother and his 2 year old. Hoping to get him into yo-yoing or maybe kendama. who knows. Who else is looking forward to july 4th. Can’t wait to get some fireworks!!

I guess I’m at the age now where July 4th means BBQ!

guitar huh, what you playin lately?

I play the electric guitar and an acoustic. But I wont lie, I suck. lol I mostly play whatever I can come up with. Tried learning a few songs from Motion City Soundtrack, and Falling in Reverse. Other than that, that’s it. How about you? Any instruments? What sucks for me is I cant play long or it starts to hurt my dialysis arm from moving so much.

I’m into every one of those, but I don’t play/own an XBox :wink: #PCLYFE

Have you ever tried speedcubing? It could be a great way to pass the time.

I never heard of speed cubing. What exactly is it?

Haha, very nice. Soon the xbox one will be cross platform play with pc’s with windows 10

It’s solving the cube with speed as the name suggests.
But here you’ll find threads about speed cubing.,24.0.html

yep. Solving a Rubik’s cube as quickly as possible.

Sounds tough!! I’m at dialysis now. Such fun sitting here. Just kidding. It sucks. What is everyone else up to right now?

Preparing for a Calculus Placement Exam in college so I can take the right course when I start freshman year when college starts in August…

I’m going to college after just turning 16 this May by the way…

Playstation is the way to go…

I would have to disagree with that. But hey. Whatever floats your boat man.

My name is Jacob Vaughn, im 15 and i have no interests in anything exept yoyoing(duh), pokemon, PC gaming (kinda), binge watching youtube, actively avoiding people i dont know well (i know, im typing this for people that i dont know, lol), and being sarcastic/one of the most awkward people you will ever meet.

I currently reside in the suburben Kansas City KS area, and was the 2014 state champ in 1a (now alec campbell has reclaimed the title lol) but im now second in state.

My current favorite yoyos (as im vague with my explanation to the left) are, in no order…

YYF Space Cowboy
YYF 888x
YYF Shutter
YYF North/Protostar
YYF Aviator
YYF Onestar
CLYW Chief
CLYW Cliff
CLYW Puffin (both)
Werrd 86400
Werrd Fruiture
Werrd Sentinel
YYJ Diamondback 1
and many more…

I am going to be a sophomore in high school

i have a dog that has never gotten a trimming in the 6 months he has been alive (soe flufee) :stuck_out_tongue:

in 3rd grade i was diagnosed with:
and OCD like symptoms

i can go from thinking about whales to how many yoyos a person could singlehandedly make within .000000000000000000005 seconds. its pretty humorous :P.

last but not least, i have never been outside of the contiguous 48 states in these brief 15 years i have been alive.


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Well its Monday, June 29th and 2pm
I’m here at dialysis with nothing to do for about 3 1/2 hours. What’s everyone else up too?

Your thoughts on “Paul Harris presents” effects… I fancy water works quite a bit. A lovely think piece that gets spectators involved…

I have yet to take a look at his newest effects, been working on using my gaff deck. Trying to come up with ways to use them more.