Forum Game! Describing the Person Based on their Yo-Yos!

So what can you tell about the persons above you play style based on their favorite yo-yos?

You’re rich…

You play what you like to play, not dependent on how much it costs.

A bit of a mixed bag, likes a nice high end throw but isn’t afraid to play a less expensive yo.

I’m guessing they like hubstacks and hshape yoyos.

Likes a solid, trustworthy throw every time.

likes a solid powerful throw, but also likes a nice all around offstring!

Likes solid, very fast playing throws, and maybe a bit of sideways?

Likes a heavy, consistent yoyo.

Likes a fine playing yoyo at a nice price!

Can’t decide what to pick up. Likes to spend a bit more.

Loves H shape yoyos and 4A alot.

From your info your not sure but from what i know you do have, a big fan of the high end stuff!

Is sitting in a pile of money, and maybe does a bit of horizontel.

Likes stability and possibly horizontals. Also likes 4a

A bit of a nationalist who likes beauty and performance in the same throw, and doesn’t mind paying more for it.

So true.

likes a variety of different brands.

Prefers unique shapes and lesser known companies (not that x3 is bad its just not as well known as say clyw)

true, true.

likes nice looking throws

Likes different, interesting yoyos, likes to buy things out of his comfort zone.