Forbidden yoyo

Anyone have a yoyo that you want REALLY badly, but will NEVER get it? For me, its the CLYW Tree Peak.

Any yoyo over 100$ :stuck_out_tongue:


One of those $400 titanium throws. Even if I ever did get one, I doubt I’d ever throw it. It’d just sit in a display box on my bookshelf or something and become a very expensive paperweight.


OG painted Peak.

“the” peak

also more than likely a fire swirl peak

Any yoyo from CLYW or other expensive companies. :-\

Titanium and magnesium yoyos or “the Card”

I don’t think I’ll ever be completely satisfied. Whoever can with all these amazing throws?

Clyw snipe

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What? haha

No such thing.

Japanese yoyos and Ti Walker

Any 1st run Peak and any CLYW Bip Bop.

CLYW White Wolf
Yoyojam Hurricane Kamaitachis
Yes Absolutely, The End

those ^

I remember in 2010 where no one bought any. I always saw after a month, let’s say the gnarwhal, there’s always about 20 left…

Should also have listed 1st run painted peak.

I had one (888.11) but I recently got it

anti yo bapezilla2 they are beautiful yoyos but are to expensive