Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works and their yo-yos

I hear that CLYW yoyos are really good yoyos and and I was just wondering if any of you have tried one before and why they’re some much $$$? So let me get this straight, right now they really only have two yoyos, the peak and BvM and soon to be the Bassalope and Wooly Marmot? I’m reserving the Bassalope and Chris told me Jensen Kimmitt’s sig yoyo is called the Wooly Marmot. Anyone else hear that?

I dont know anything about that but I can tell this: THEY ARE WORTH THE MONEY!!! :smiley: :wink:

Definitely. If you have a Peak, and a BvM, you know how it plays. Out of curiosity, where did you get yours from?

Anyway, they are expertly crafted, have sick looks, and are so smooth. I am actually saving up for a BvM, which is why I hope YYE gets CLYW

yeah defenetly i hope that YYE won’t stop there and really extend there yoyo shop with some of the really good brands like one drop maby anityo far out stuff like that rather than just the YYF, YYJ and duncan

Caribou Lodge yoyos are the best! I don’t have any yet,
but I’ve tried: the raw Peak, 28Stories Peak, SvZB,
1st Run BvM, Yoho Bvm, and the Wolverine BvM. And I
have to say the Peak is my favorite, probably because of
it’s bigger size than the BvM (or at least it feels bigger).

Yeah, the Peak is just… well… phenomenal. There’s just not enough good things to say about that bad boy.

And I see you’re a Black Knight fan. I thought I was the only one. :wink:

They seem really awesome. I love the artwork. They are amazing.

Could anyone post a picture of a BvM?

You bet I am! The first one I tried was one of John Narum’s, and that
was all it took! I have a blue one with no starbursts (I modded it),
Flowable silicone, and a thick red shim on one side. And I’d love to
have a yellow one.

I heard the Wooly Marmot is gonna be awesome! (Even though it is just being planned) but I reserved the Bassalope and I’m getting it when it comes out!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on one! Also I’d like to try a peak. From the descriptions I’ve heard I think the BvM isn’t good for my style.

Haha! I looked down and had my BvM Yoho sitting in front of me - took off the string earlier.

they are ef worth the money i got the first fun of ogopagos from yyn and there amazing i think yye should get some of them they have so little in there shop when theres so many good yoyo companys out there

There is no need to bring up posts this old. Please do check the dates of the posts before posting in them.

Addment: Wow, people’s opinions have changed. It’s been a long time since Doc gave the Peak good words, and I don’t think Samad wants a BvM anymore.

Now, hold up just a second.

I never said the Peak was anything less than a decent performer. It’s got it’s flaws, it’s a touch too vibey, and I certainly don’t consider it the top player out there, but I’ve never actually filed it as junk.

I’ve often said it’s the most over-hyped yo-yo in the hobby, and I still stand by that. I still don’t think it’s come close to delivering on the hype surrounding it.

Now let’s compare this, to this:

Yeah, things have changed. I might have used the wrong words on it, but things have changed.

I don’t think the absolutely perfect yo-yo on this planet could even come close to the hype surrounding the. And btw my peak(hulk smash) has almost zero vibe.

Putting in my opinion, I think DocRobot’s words as, forgive me if I’m incorrect: yes, he does appreciate the yo-yos quality and expertise, but it’s not the greatest yo-yo in the world compared to other yo-yos with as much as or less popularity as it