For yoyo making, resin printer or filament printer?

I’ve been thinking of making my own yo-yos for awhile, and I’m almost ready to pull the trigger on a 3d printer and saw there are 2 kinds of printers, resin and filament(I believe that’s what they are called anyway?). Does anyone have both and which one would be better for making throws?


I have been resin printing for 2 years now, and while I love the results I get, I would strongly recommend starting out with an FDM printer. They are much easier to work with, the filament spools come in a much greater variety of materials and colors, and I also believe filament is typically cheaper than resin. The clean-up is also far less of a hassle. Moreover, nearly everyone I know who has used 3d printers for yoyo-related stuff (prototype throws, counterweights, etc.) uses FDM printers, and so you’d be able to leverage off their experience, which I think would be very helpful.