For people having trouble with Boing-e-Boing "boingy boing". This WILL help!

(I just posted this exact reply in a thread about people having problems with the boingy boing. But I see people are constantly having trouble and making new threads for help I am giving this reply it’s own thread in hopes that it may reach someone in need. And guys don’t be ashamed to admit your having trouble with this trick, it took me forever to get it down, and I really wish I would have just asked someone for help instead of driving myself crazy. Boingy boing is by no means a simple trick, even with all the pointers in the world it sill takes time to master the rhythm and aim)

Ok. So when you are getting your up and down rythem started with your top hand. It is super important that you arnt just doing the motion mainly with your pointer finger the string is warped around. You need to keep that same exact motion going on with your middle string finger so that the front and back strings keep the same rhythm. The best bit of advice I can give is that you keep your middle and pointer finger flush together, pretend like they are tied together. That way you are applying the same exact pressure and motion to both fingers, keeping everything perfectly in sync. This might sound to simple, but this is what made all the difference in the world for me.
You could even try going into the split bottom mount on your middle string finger instead of your pointer finger, that way you are forced to keep the same rythem with both front and back strings

Also- make sure your bottom finger and your top fingers are perfectly parallel, it is very tempting to tilt your bottom finger, but when you tilt it it throws the strings out of line.

And another more obvious tip- Before you even start the trick you need to make sure your front and back strings are perfectly inline. You should barely be able to see your front string through your back string, that is how inline they need to be for proper execution.

I know describing a trick is very difficult, what words make image in my mind might not drawl a good picture in yours ???, if you are still having problems or can’t make sense of what I am trying to say please reply and I will be glad to help. And remember, boingy boing is very difficult, and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of if you aren’t picking it up fast, even if you are a seasoned thrower who just never got around to learning it.



That’s really helpful, thanks bruh.

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