For all who have bought from "Dealicool" or "Slickgate".


So apparently a person in China has stolen our credit card number. The bank caught them in time, but I’m wondering, did any of you guys who have ordered from these websites realize this? They charged our credit card up to 350$. One was a charge to itunes which might be linked to this website since I ordered from Yoyoexpert back in August, and a few weeks after some people noticed a hacking problem.


I’ve dealt with them with paypal only. No problems so far


As much as I know it’s taboo to talk about these sites, I’ll keep on the lookout and throw in my feedback. I almost made purchases from the 2 mentioned sites a while ago, that Littles was quite tempting you know. Later down the road, I came across another one instead, in which I made a successful purchase and got my goods within just over a week with free shipping. The first round of dealing with I used a Visa gift card so what are they going to do, take all $1 left on the card? With the happy turnaround time, I thought it would be a good idea to have someone order a certain pink/black splash yoyo (I think it’s an original design minus the ‘side bearings’) for someone as an Xmas gift. Will keep on the lookout though.

And I would have thought people would be more respectful in other countries, not saying that us Americans have no respect but still.


I’ve only paid with Paypal. But, something shady is going on if they had a recent name change. As a result, I no longer trust them.


I agree, very suspicious.


I had the same problem but I ordered with my dads but I doubt it is yoyoexpert. Cause i just have an hp mini I got from my stapdad a few years back and it is so junked up with stuff and slow I think it was my computer.


Not if you’re alerting people to a problem like mentioned here. People need to know about these types of scams.


Most PC’s come bogged down with what I call “crapware” these days. What I do with ALL new computers is a full format of the hard drive and a clean OS load(whenever possible). Fortunately, with some brands, you can get them clean or no OS or just an OS.

My in-laws, I would build them a computer, then they’d load it down from “internet crapware” so they could “get paid to surf”. In 5 years of this, they never earned a cent.

Chances are you hooked right up to your broadband connect right after the modem, and you’ve been under constant attack by spammers and hackers and bots. I recommend that ALL users use a cheap consumer-grade router(wifi acceptable) after the cable or ADSL modem for a nice solid layer of protection. Then, use Norton Anti-Virus to help block other stuff and you’re pretty much safe unless you’re doing something foolish.


Thanks I will ask my brother to check that stuff out . He builds computers with like clear cases and a bunch of led lights and huge monitors and fixes them so he can do it.