whenever i order from this site it says this is unencrypted blah blah blah this can easily be read by third party then we get bogus charges does this ever happen to u?


No, that’s never happened to me.

I think you get the error message wrong…
It says that the page you are getting after placing your order has secured (your private data probably) and non-secured items (mostly the banner, or another picture). It asks you if you want to display the non-secured items. Can’t harm you at all…

Except your wallet from buying alots and alots of awesome yoyos.

Ordered without incident 2 weeks ago without incident, and gettign ready to order another this Friday.

And I am noidy about that as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

never happened ??? to me and i just ordered something

Are you using a card, Google Checkout or PayPal?

im using credit card

I haven’t paid with a credit card at this site, so I can’t vouch as to their level of security. WOuld recommend setting up a paypal account and using that to ensure encryption. If you’re sending unencrypted CC numbers across the network, they could be picked up rather easily. particularly if you are on an unsecured wireless network, in which case, they can be pulled right out of the air.
I guarantee that it has nothing to do with staff of yoyoexpert itself though.

yeah our wireless internet doesnt have good security ill just use my pay pal thx alot

I ordered from this site on my credit card like 15 times and ive never had any problems but if you can just use paypal its just easier. p.s. this site itself is 100% safe do not hesitate to buy from just make sure you are on secured wifi. :wink:

Our site is 100% secure and we are incredibly careful with all customer credit card and personal information.

We just discovered that error coming up is something that just happened with the most recent version of internet explorer (we assume that is what you are using?) - it doesn’t happen with Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari - and since we are Mac based we just found out! We are working to fix the Internet Explorer error message - but any information being sent through site is encrypted despite that warning.

I think i know what the problem is…
You use and secured connection during/after the transaction.

But the banner on top of the site is sent through unsecured (http = unsecured, https = secured).

If it says this in the sourcefile somewhere :” (just made smt up, i don’t know the correct path)
It says http and thus it will sent through the images, etc unsecured… Let your webmaster look into it. He should make that path relative…
like this : “…/images/banner.jpg”

I hope i have helped a bit :slight_smile:

i am using firefox

Yes - you are talking to the webmaster actually. :wink:

And yes - we are aware of the differences in secure versus insecure elements on web pages and their paths, etc. Thanks for offering your assistance though.

This has been solved either way - since those pages were not transmitting information they had not been setup as “secure” pages by the cart software. We went ahead and did an override on this so errors should no longer pull up. If anyone still sees anything like this please email us:


Yay! I just ordered something, and I’m using Google Chrome!