Could someone please tell me if a yo-yo website is safe to order from?


Hey everybody,
I don’t know who to ask, and I do not want to disrespect YYE, but could someone please tell me if a yo-yo website is safe and reliable or not. The reason I want to know this is because I would probably order one or two Yomega yo-yos on it. If you do volenteer, I will send you a pm with the name or a link(if it is not against the rules) of the website. (If doing this is against any rules, then please let me know, then I will delete the discussion as soon as possible.)


well i dont think its against the rules even to mention the site because yoyoexpert doesnt have yomega yoyos so i dont think its against the rules


Hey, you can shoot me a PM. :wink: Also, I don’t think it is against the rules if you keep it in PM’s.


It’s not against the rules, it’s only against the rules if YYE has that yoyo/company/item. In the case of Yomega, none apply.


Ok, thank you for letting me know, Batryn, and thank you for trying, LazyThrower. The website is called YoYo Store. Here is a link to the website:
Any help would be appreciated.


i ordered a mfhz there a few years ago with no problems


Thank you, everybody, for your help. The Yomega yo-yos I might order would probably be the Yomega Lancer 2 and the Xodus 2, unless I want the Hot Shot.


Just a suggestion, I think you should get the Hot Shot instead of the Lancer 2. I have heard more good things about the Hot Shot than the Lancer 2. Also, I have a Lancer 2 and am disappointed by its play. Of course mine could be a mess-up. So, there’s my suggestion, but do whatever you want to! :wink:


I almost forgot to put that I am also going to get the Yomega Yo-Zone video.


no i dont think that it is against the rules and if it was yye would have already told you. yye doesnt sell yomegas so…


Everyone here knows that Jayyo loves Yomega but he doesn’t like the lancer either. (if I remember right.) Forget that and go for the other.

  1. Read their privacy policy. A lot of sites have those and might have that seal of approval.

  2. Norton tells you if it’s safe or not.

  3. Read reviews about the stores via search or youtube.