Buying yoyo in Yoyo Expert

Is it safe to buy here?

How will I be ensured if the yoyo I bought will go to me and NOT going to be a waste of money?
Cause I’m from the Philippines and I dont know if the yoyo I purchased will go to me…

If you had experienced buying here… Please tell me how’d you did it safely…

Please guys!.. need help!

Are you talking about buying off of the website itself or buying from somebody else? If you’re talking about buying off the the site, from the shop section, yes it’s totally safe. Andre does a good job of keeping things running and getting things to the people that buy them.

totaly safe!
everyone is safe
if it wasn’t safe no one would buy it from this website

The YYE shop is great. Prompt shipping etc.

If you’re referring to the BST, then it’s an individual thing. I usually take the members trade rating into account when browsing for deals.

I can tell you that Andre is probably the most honest person you’d ever meet. I would trust him with my children.

Hey Andre…Want my kids?

The best and quickest way is through this site!! Not to metion there AMAZING customer service!! you cant go through better guys!!

this place rocks! Its 100% safe! They even give you cards! :smiley: But if you are buying from BST then sometimes it is. :slight_smile:

Yoyoexpert is safe, reliable, and trustworthy. And as all of you said Andre is trustworthy too. You won’t come across another yoyo website that is as safe as this one. :wink:

your in good hands if you order straight from the e forums are ok too, but there are just the few people out there…


So is it very sure that the yoyo that I purchased will be brought here into Philippines and into my Hands??[/b]

??? ??? ??? ???

yes, unless you write wrong address

Absolutely. The only thing that could go wrong is with whatever company actually does the shipping, USPS I believe, and I have done many trades and have yet to have problems with them. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, Yoyoexpert is my favorite yo-yo site, i only like the yyn forum better cuz its bigger, but YES buy from here

it is the cheapest yoyo website!

i hope so :-\

INCREDIBLY safe for sure.
It delivers right on time too!

Does Andre run this site? cool

it is the best website ever made!

that’s pretty sweet. i like the layout of yyn better, though.

i dont thats why i dont use it as much :o