Why is my order being declined!?

I emailed yoyoexpert but i am impatient… I fill everything out and then when i hit enter to complete my transaction is says it was declined… nothing is wrong with my account i dont think I’ve been using my card fine recently.

Can’t say. Could be problems with the credit card networks. I’ve gotten a few calls this weekend to repair it, but since they haven’t been paying me, I’m not in the helping mood back at them(a major card network bought hardware from me and never paid for it, so until they pay up, I’m not interested in showing good will back towards a bill they won’t pay). Also, I was out doing sound for an event this weekend so I couldn’t help them if I wanted ito.

I tried paying something using my debit card. They refused the number. I think they had issues with the debit card network. Went through as a CC no problem.

Have you tried using Paypal? That’s what I typically use. I haven’t had a problem. I also haven’t ordered from YYE in almost 2 months(wow, that long?). Worse case, phone it in. I’m sure they’d love to help you.