for 5aers, Time for a new batch!

Ok so I made a batch of CWs severely close to nicks balls (delrin, 1", balls) about 2 months ago but I only sold them on yoyonation because I didnt have very many to sell and they sold out way fast…

I made this website the other day because…well its about a paragraph long story on the home page check it out…

So, become a member so ill be able to send you updates and questions about My CW’s “snake eyes”
PLUS this is where ill be selling them when im done making them, so members will be the first to know!

Be sure to check the blog!


check your link

Yeah, its not working as ben said… You just gotta type it out :smiley:

Yeah fixed
Thanks guys

I am on the site now. DOn’t you just love webs? I’ve made like 12 haha

How much do they weigh?

Im not positive about that one, I do not have an good scale. They are a tad bit heavier than a duncan die, the same weight as Nicks balls (pretty sure)