Huge yo-yo sale

Hey guys, I’ve collected quite a few yo-yos over the past year that I honestly have little use for. So, in an attempt to get some traveling money to make it out to more contests, I’m having a sale of several used and many new yo-yos. The choices are as follows:

[b]NIB Yomega Maverick (silver) - $15[/b]

NIB Duncan Momentum Blue with black caps – $85 (retail $110 = save $25)

NIB C3yoyodesign Dark Sonic (Bronze) – $100 (Retail $110 = save $10)

NIB C3yoyodesign Dark Sonic (Green) – $100 (Retail $110 = save $10)

NIB Square Wheels Royale (acid blue wash) – $90

NIB CLYW Lost in the Arctic Series #3 (black) -$115

NIB Duncan Freehand Zero (Blue with yellow caps) – $12

NIB Duncan Freehand Zero (Orange with white caps) – $12

NIB Onedrop dingo (Orange) – $40

YYF skyline (red) only 3 minor scuffs – $75

YYF DNA (Grey) (1 minor scuff) – $85

Shipping $5 each. If you get multiple yo-yos, I can obviously combine the shipping.

if you want pictures of the skyline or the dna I can give you some, but the wear is purely aesthetic and doesn’t affect play at all.

once again, I’m trying to get some money together to travel to more contests, so I’m really not interested in any trades.

If interested, please email me at connorebb(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thanks for looking!
Connor Ebbinghouse

Just so you know, bst rules state you have to have pics on here of all yoyos for sale or trade.

I’m just sayin. Not looking to buy. You have no trades and or posts and I don’t trade unless your on yye for at least 6 months, and have been decently active over that time. Good luck.

Thanks for the information. I’ll add photos asap.

I appreciate that you are cautious when approaching trades with users that have low activity. However, I’ve been involved in the yo-yo community for many years (dating back to the extremespin and forum days). I apologize that my involvement has been lacking in recent months, and I hope that by selling some of these yo-yos I can make it out to more contests and make more of an impact in the community.

Thanks again for your comments

Photos added.
If you would like to see more photos of a yo-yo just let me know!