Fools Gold Gold Nugget Peak

(Mark) #1

If the Fools Gold Gold Nugget Peak beadblasted? Every time I yoyo with mine, the string snaps within an hour or so. (30 for Yomega Strings and don’t ask why I have them) My Speeder and Speed Maker do not rip the strings or snap them as frequently. (about 1.5 weeks with a poly string). Actually, I don’t think I have ever snapped a string with my Speeder and Speed Maker and I play with them more.

Also, I have not looked at the inside of the yoyo but I want to see your suggestions before doing so.



(Gorrilla_YO) #2

Wooly Marmots and peaks are beadblasted. I suggest opening up your yoyo, find any sharp points or burs, and lightly sand it down…most likley around the bearing seat and response area.

hope this helps ;D

(Mark) #3

That’s what I thought. I just wanted some reinforcement before I do some unnecessary unscrewing.


I have never snapped a string with my peak. Don’tsand it, it’ll make it gross looking. Take a pair of denim jeans and rub the bearing/response area with em. Should help.

(Mark) #5

Ok. Thanks.


if there is a bur this wont do anything, a file would work better than sandpaper if thee are any burs


The bead blasted surface tends to be rough sometimes. Just take some very fine sandpaper like 600-900 grit and lightly massage the flat face of the gap area around the outside the silicone groove. There should definitely not be any burs. Just a bit of a rough surface. If you lightly massage and just smooth out the surface this will not affect the anodizing whatsoever.