Fools gold avalanche or ten yoyo wet whistle.

I know ten yoyo isn’t on YYE but I’m having trouble deciding. The wet whistle is b grade so what should I get.

I vote wet whistle ;D

Only 1 left of the very first run.

Is it to wide? How is the spin time?

I like what I see on the Wet Whistle specs. Oversized, kind of on the heavy side, C-sized bearing and I like the smooth lines. If I had the money, I’d buy one right now.

But I don’t. So I’ll go play with my Avalanche instead. Well, just kidding. I’m gonna throw my DM2. In all seriousness, I do have an Avalanche and I really like it.

I can compare my Corli Prototype to the Wet Whistle only from the standpoint that they have very similar shapes and I like how that one plays. But that one is a bit small and light for my preferences but still is a lot of fun. With the Wet Whistle being larger and heavier than the Corli Prototype, I think this would be a winner for me.

All I can say with confidence is what I know, and while I’m no pro, I DO like the Avalanche. Mine is in the Matterhorn colorway, but I don’t see how color can make a difference in performance.

Honestly I didnt like my b-grade Ava all that much. Go wet whistle and support a new company :wink:

With the Ava is the vibe noticeable.

I don’t notice any vibe with the Avalanche. Maybe because I bought it used? Either way, it’s smooth playing.

The supposed CLYW vibe is nothing to be afraid of, they are smoother than a lot of other throws. Mine was dead smooth when I got, and even though it’s a bit dinged up now, it’s still very smooth.

When you say yours is smooth, are you talking about the fools gold? I’ve been thinking about getting one of the fools gold avalanches but I’m a little worried about spending that much on a b grade.

Mine’s an A-grade, but most of the b-grades are only b-grades for ano flaws, so they should play about the same. And you get a kick-a shirt.

So I’m kinda wondering what you guys think?

Well, if I haven’t made my opinion clear already, I think you should get the Avalanche.

yeah im still hestitant about getting a fg ava. its just a lot of money for a b-grade

And a shirt, hahaha, can’t forget that.

G’day mmckinse,

I see your having trouble deciding over two yoyos.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to persuade you to buy one of our yoyos, because I believe a yoyo is by preference of thrower.  All yoyos can be amazing players if they are designed and crafted right.  To give you my opinion on which one you should get is a hard one because you are dealing with drastic sizes here.  If you like the common size yoyos you throw, than the Wet Whistle or any wide yoyo is probably not going to work for you.

However, if you’re in the market for a wide yoyo, and you tried a few, I can tell you our customers who bought from us really do like the way it handles (Thanks guys  ;D ) Check out this review from Sideswipe:,34385.msg336813.html#msg336813
The Wet Whistle is really a WIDE yoyo.  It may look heavy but it isn’t.  The large size is what gives it that impression.  You get a nice, floaty feel at the same time.

If you haven’t thrown a wide yoyo before I would suggest finding a way to try one before you buy any wide yoyo.  It’s all about your preference :slight_smile:

I was worried at first, I wasn’t going to throw my Wet Whistle as much after my friend Wabbit and I designed more common size yoyos.  This wasn’t the case and it makes me happy when I have the need to go back to my Wet Whistle.

Hope this helps  :slight_smile:


meh. i love clyw but im like not the kinda guy to wear a yoyo shirt. i feel it makes me extra nerdy seeing as i already walk around throwing 24/7.

I’ve never tried a wide yoyo but I have a genesis and I’m expecting the Ava to be similar.

Well, in my experience, the oversized throws(like the DM2) tend to be wider as well. I just like the larger shape, it’s easier to catch the strings and land the tricks. But it does come down to personal preference.

Let me say this though, I like how the Wet Whistle looks. The lines are nice and clean. It’s on the larger side. The only thing preventing me from wanting to get one right now is money. I need to save for my vacation in a couple of weeks.