General Yo KLR or

Ten YoYo Wet Whistle or YoYoSkeel Stalker. ONLY RECOMMEND THE ONES UP THERE please…! Just say the one you find best.

The Wet Whistle and the Stalker are both very wide yoyos and are great for learning tricks on, especially hops, whips and slacks. The KLR has a more traditional profile and handles everything great. Problem is that they’re also sold out everywhere.


Hmmm, thanks! I’m looking more into the wet whistle and stalker a little more so that helped a lot cause I was not very interested into the KLR anyways!

Haven’t tried a Stalker, but the Wet Whistle is incredibly fun. It has, IMO, one of the best yoyo shapes for a wide yoyo out there.

But of course, it can be difficult to land more complex tricks. It destroys Eli Hops, though.

Thanks! It’s just I’m really disappointed that the wet whistles are out of stock here on YYE. And the stalkers are in stock, and this is the best website in the world! But I want the best choice. Any more opinions?

Looking at the Wet Whistle on YYE right now. They’ve still got a pink one and a green one left.


Oh! Sweet! Now what should I get?

I’m leaning to the wet whistle.

If you can find a KLR, GET IT. Email Ernie of General Yo about it and ask if he is selling any and get that, you wont regret it.

I personally HATE wide yoyos and find that they get in the way of string hits but that was just my personal experience with them.

If you want a rare and super nice yoyo, go with the KLR. If you want a wide yoyo, go with the wet whistle. Its entirely up to you

Ok, what’s Ernie’s email?

Oh and the wet whistles shape looks cool, and the stalker looks awesome! But I don’t know which to get. Bump

the pink one.

Im getting the Wet Whistle