Flying Squirrel Questions.

-is it ok to silicone recess it?
-how may days to left the newly silicone recessed yoyo?
-how will i put the silicone on the yoyo? is it under a little bit in the groove? (i mean under a lil bit in the axle, like a flush silicone) or just level to the groove?
-is the spin time is fine?, just a normal staright throw, can it make less than or more than 30 seconds.

please help!
that is just the yoyo that can i afford!
i want to throw!


First of all, it’s good that you’re being smart and getting a super nice, high end yoyo that you can’t afford. Your questions:
Is it ok to recess it? If you know how to and don’t need to worry about it, then go ahead.
How long do you need to wait? Only a day, then you’re good to go =)
How do you put it on? If you don’t recess it, take a glue stick or something like that and outline where you will put the silicone.
Spin time? Spin time shouldn’t really matter much with a good throw, but I’ve heard it’s not too bad on spin time.

What are you talking about? He isn’t getting a high-end yoyo. And who said he couldn’t afford it?


Yes, it is okay to silicone recess it, however, the recessing may be hard. Look here for help recessing.

Depends on the silicone. Generally 24 hours is good enough

You have to fill the silicone into the recess.

It probably won’t improve spin time, so it depends on you.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing he can’t afford a better one. Personally, I wish I wouldn’t have gotten a metal as soon as I did. They’re nice but, like many people have said before, they can easily get you into bad habits.
As far as the recessing and siliconing goes, I would listen to Samad. I have yet to do either one but good luck with whichever route you go.

uhhh i think he wants to play 4a not 1a so thats why he bought the flying squirrel and not a high end yoyo ;D

the flying squirell is like pro caz i did like 20 around the worlds wit it and im not exagerating. :o

only duncan i think is worth the $. :o

(yes you can resses it) :wink:

agrred,exept FH0s