Flowable Silicone

Will this http://www.autozone.com/autozone/accessories/Permatex-1-5-oz-tube-flowable-silicone-windshield-and-glass-sealer//N-25r4?itemIdentifier=552992_0_0 work for a flowable silicone response? :-\

Yes, that is exactly the right product for the job.

That product will work.

However, I would recommend the RTV Gasket Maker since most people use that one.
(I’ve heard that it’s a bit better than the one you have listed but I personally think it doesn’t matter)

Not better, just different. Gasket Maker isn’t flowable like flowable silicone so it makes it harder to apply.

what kind can i find at the home depot that will work well (please recommend all that i can find there that is good) ??? ;D

If it’s RTV, it’ll work fine.

Looking at the Home Depot website, they don’t really have much that’s usable without a caulking gun. Ask your parents where an auto repair store is. They’ll have what you need. Or a local hardware store.

i have the gun so that isnt a problem