Is premium waterproof silicone flowable?

The sales clerk at home depot said this stuff was the same as the peramatex flowable silicone but I’m not sure if she knew what she was taking about. Will it work our should I return the tube before I even open it.

You have a name or a picture of it?

If it says silicone or gasket maker I’d suspect that it’d work.

Ya it should work but if it is thick and white then stop using it. Also I am not sure because it says it dries in only 3hrs

Thats what I use. It works great. If i recall they also selll the same one just in white instead so it should be the same whether or not it’s white or clear.

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The tube says clear so I think its the right type. I’ll try it today and report back tomorrow when it cures.

Dang my bad I guess the picture didn’t load for me. =/

drying time and curing time are two differnt things. flowable silicone is used in the automotive trade, but you look to have the same stuff packadged for construction.

Maybe your computer derped. I just don’t know what went wrong!

The sales clerk said something along the same limes but wasn’t as definite so thats why I was unsure.

I wouldn’t use it.

While clean up will be a mess, it starts setting up super fast giving you very little time to really work it. That stuff is designed to go in and stay in fast as is.

The reason why so many of us use the automotive stuff is it has time to be worked. This lets us either smooth it, press it into the recess or whatever. While we do have reasonable time limits(10 minutes maybe), the stuff you showed wants to start curing immediately.

It’ll work fine. Just as long as it doesn’t crack or shrink.

@Studio42; 3 hours is plenty to silicone a yoyo.

Have you used the stuff the OP is talking about? I have. It starts setting pretty much immediately.

If it cures immediately then I’m buying a tube. Takes me a few seconds to silicone.

Yes, actually. Any silicone starts setting immediately. No offense, but I think if it takes more than a minute to silicone, than your doing something wrong. The reason RTV and Flowable are recommended is because they don’t crack or shrink and have a grippy texture, not because they have long curing times.

I wouldn’t use that stuff, I’ve tried it and the normal permatex brand is so much better. Also in my experience it is very difficult to remove.

Flowable will actually say flowable on the tube. The only flowable that I’ve used and thought was successful is the “Permatex flowable windshield and glass sealer”.

Doesn’t mean there aren’t others that work, just that’s the only one I’ve found works properly.
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I figured that the only way to find out if this stuff works is to try it so I filled the recess on my severe. I’ll tell you guys how will it works tomorrow.

So I’m back. The stuff isn’t flowable because it doesn’t self level, but it still worked fine my severe is dead
unresponsive so this stuff works fine for me.

Cool. I’m glad it worked for you. I’d be interested to know how it feels/lasts over time.
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If I notice it becoming slippy or the response falls out earlier than normal I’ll post here

that is almost the exact same thing i use. i like the way the white thick stuff flows.