Non-Permatex silicone

Anyone have experience with other brands of silicone? I can’t seem to find permatex flowable anywhere (except here of course, but shipping is an issue) and the only other brand I can find is GE.

Namely GE all purpose silicone (blue tube) and GE marine silicone. Neither tube specifically says “flowable” on it so I was a little apprehensive in buying it. Anyone have experience with GE or know other brands I should look out for?

You can use the gasket making silicone but you have to push it into the response groove and then level/recess it. It’s messier but with practice you can have minimal waste.

I’ve seen the brand VersaChem mentioned many times with favorable results. What you are looking for is “window and glass sealer”.

Go to an auto parts store, tell them what you want/need and let them help guide you. This stuff, at least in the United States, is fairly readily available. No offense intended or implied to YYE, but I can get the Permatex stuff for roughly the same price around me at one of at least 3-4 nearby auto parts stores. My only issue is that it’s often “in the back” or “they have to get it from another store”, so I may have to wait an extra day or two to get it.

Thanks for the input, i’ve tried gasket maker and find it’s too messy, smells and is difficult to remove once it’s worn out

I will shop around though

I have had a few yoyos sent to me using the red gasket maker. It can sometimes be difficult to remove. It lasted a long time. I’m not complaining. When I re-did them, I use flowable.

It’s all about feel. If you like how something performs, stick with it.

Remember: Auto parts stores tends to be where you can find this.